EDUCAnet České Budějovice

Gymnasium and ICT high school, Ltd.

– a truly modern high school

– a laptop instead of piles of textbooks

– e-learning and a special approach to both teaching and learning



tedious dictation of notes

meaningless memorisation

mass production of normality

wars between adults and teenagers


thought-provoking discussions

active searching of information

individual and group projects

co-operation between teachers and students

That is EDUCAnet České Budějovice;

Gymnasium and ICT high school modern in every single way.

We offer both DAILY and DISTANCE study programmes.

Why should you study at our school?

- Because at our school you will never ever feel like another brick in a wall!
We are a school whose priority is to make a good atmosphere for students. A
school which is not authoritative and stressful. A school which has a managable
numbers of students in classes (16 max!) and therefore a realistically
individualised approach to every student – you included!

- Because at our school you will be encouraged to develop your own talents and
interests. Do you know this citation by Carl Sagan? “Every kid starts out as a
natural-born scientist, and then we beat it out of them. A few trickle through the
system with their wonder and enthusiasm for science intact.” Our system is
different – we are all for wonder and enthusiasm!

- Because at our school the management and all the teachers constantly strive to
improve and deepen the co-operation with the students and their parents. We
are always ready and willing to listen to your questions, ideas and

- Because at our school you will need just one laptop instead of dozens of
textbooks. You will be taught by modern methods oriented towards active
participation in classes, long-term projects and user friendly e-learning
environment Moodle. Our lessons are not boring!

- Because at our school you can study with an individual study plan tailored to your
needs or spread a four-year course into a longer time. Are you an elite sportsman,
aspiring novelist, top model or start-up businessman? Do you need assistants to
overcome health related issues? Then we are here to provide you with
education solutions that will meet all your individual requirements.

- We appreciate excellent study results and representation of our school at various
high school sport and academic competitions by motivation scholarship.
Nevertheless, our primary goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and
therefore we put emphasis not on the hardcore performance but rather on
the honest conduct in the spirit of fair play.

Europian Cities as Our Homes

In the school year 2009/2010 we became participants of a Comenius project called
“Europian Cities as Our Homes”. As the name indicates our students and teachers learnt to
know about living in various regions of the Old Continent, about managing foreign
schools and also about culture, religious and politic customs in the respective countries
and especially cities of our project partners. We have closely collaborated with the
following institutions:

  • Gimnazjum nr 9 im. Jerzego Waldorffa w Poznaniu, Poznaň, Polsko (koordinátor celého projektu)
  • Instituto de Enseñanza Secundaria Berenguela de Castilla, Bolaños de Calatrava, Španělsko
  • Escola Básica do 1º Ciclo com Pré-Escolar da Nogueira, Camacha, Portugalsko
  • Sema Cengiz Büberci Anadolu Meslek ve Kız Meslek Lisesi, Samsun, Turecko

The project provided our students and teachers with a chance to work together at topics
which they like as well as to get new experience and improve teamwork and social skills,
to plan collective activities and to use the trendiest information & communication
technologies. The students who joined the project visited all four partnership cities in
two consecutive school years.